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Java on RISC-V: RISE and Eclipse Adoptium Partnership

By May 29, 2024June 4th, 2024No Comments

In an exciting development, RISE has partnered with the Eclipse Adoptium Working Group to bring Java to the RISC-V architecture. This collaboration ensures that Java developers can now leverage the RISC-V, which is known for its flexibility, scalability, and openness..

Java 17, 21, and 22 on RISC-V

As a result of this partnership, Java versions 17, 21, and 22 are now available on RISC-V through Adoptium Temurin. This means that developers can run their applications on RISC-V hardware using the latest long-term support (LTS) version, Java 17 and 21, and the cutting-edge features of Java 22.

Adoptium Temurin: Ensuring Compatibility

Adoptium Temurin, the free and open-source Java runtime, plays a crucial role in this integration. It ensures that Java runs smoothly on RISC-V, maintaining the performance and reliability that developers expect. With Temurin, transitioning to RISC-V becomes straightforward, enabling developers to focus on innovation.

A Step Towards the Future

This partnership marks a significant step towards a more inclusive tech ecosystem. By making Java available on RISC-V, Eclipse Adoptium and RISE are paving the way for new innovations and broader adoption of this promising architecture. Whether you’re an enterprise looking to migrate or a developer eager to experiment, this collaboration ensures that Java remains a reliable choice on RISC-V.